Unintentional Plagiarism

I found one particular discussion at the IntelliCAD.net forum quite interesting. One member thinks that Bricsys would not have been close to where they are now if not for things they learned while being part of the ITC. The member is of the opinion that there must be some “unintentional plagiarism” going on, implying that Bricsys has used some of the ITC “experience” to create their new CAD platform.

If that was indeed the case, then it does not explain why Bricsys has successfully released two versions their new platform (Bricscad V8 and V9) and are getting ready to release the third (V10), whereas the ITC is yet to release it’s first. If technical know how and experience were to flow between Bricsys and the ITC, I would suppose that it would be in the opposite direction.

But there is another reason why I find this discussion interesting, especially the use of the phrase “unintentional plagiarism”. I find it odd coming from people who have made it a profitable business to “intentionally plagiarize” AutoCAD.