SYCODE Launches 14 Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire Plug-ins

First off, I would like to thank all the kind-hearted Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 1.0 users who responded to my earlier post and took the trouble of testing our Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 1.0 plug-in DLL’s. The first to respond was someone from PTC UK.

We are done with our final testing and today we released our first batch of Pro/ENGINEER plug-ins. This batch contains 14 data exchange plug-ins (8 import and 6 export). They have been tested to work with Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 1.0, 2.0, 3.0, 4.0 (32 and 64 Bit) and 5.0 Preproduction (32 and 64 Bit).

The plug-ins are priced at $195 each and are available as fully functional 10 day/run trials.

Press Release