Vodka On Fire

In an earlier post titled “Novosibirsk – Part 2” I used images to describe an absolutely wonderful evening that Martyn Day and I had with a bunch of Ledas folks at an Armenian restaurant in Novosibirsk. Here is a video that leaves absolutely nothing to imagination.

On a somewhat related note, while Martyn and I were having dinner (with alcohol, of course) at the restaurant of the hotel in Novosibirsk where we were were staying, we noticed an old man at another table nearby all by himself with his face flat on the table. Worried, we called the waitress and asked her to go take a look. She waved a hand at us indicating that all was well.

After a while we hear the sound of crashing glass and notice the man stand up to walk away. To our absolute horror, he turns the other direction and walks straight into the wall. After noticing that things were not going according to plan, he turns 90  degrees and walks into the table throwing some more stuff onto the floor. Eventually he found the way out of his table and then literally touched the walls to feel his way out of the restaurant. He was blown to bits. Absolutely smashed.

Too much of a good thing is bad, especially alcohol. Personally, I drink to enjoy the company of the people that I am drinking with. The other thing about drinking is that you should know when to stop. If others have to stop you then there is something wrong. If others have to carry you out or you end up carrying yourself out in the manner the old man I described above did, then you need help.