What’s New In Solid Edge ST3 – Part 2

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In this part of the series I would like to mention some of the enhancements to Solid Edge with regard to its user interface. For starters, the ribbon interface can now be customized. You can now add or remove elements of the ribbon and show or hide them as well. You can set the button sizes and change their text or remove the text altogether. You can save customizations as themes, distribute them to others as XML files and carry them forward to new versions. Here is a screen shot of the Customize dialog box.

Click image for larger view

The third tab called Ribbon is a new one. So is the fourth tab is called Radial Menu which is something new in ST3. Using the radial menu you can put up to 16 of your most commonly used commands at your fingertips. Just like the ribbon the radial menu is completely customizable and can be distributed externally using an XML file.

This image shows the fourth tab of the Customize dialog box.

Another UI enhancement is a transparent display for the PathFinder. This frees up valuable screen real estate.

Click image for larger view

Live Rules now gets a heads up display. The visual feedback makes it much easier get an idea of which faces are being automatically selected for you. This was one of the things I mentioned in my review of ST when it first came out. Its good to know that it has finally been addressed.

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