What’s New In Solid Edge ST3 – Part 3

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In this part lets look at some of the enhancements in Sheet Metal. Solid Edge ST3 comes with a new Etch feature which can be used to burn part numbers into sheet metal parts on laser cutting machines, among other things. You can etch text and even sketch elements to sheet metal faces. This can be done even in bent state. When flattened the etch is transformed along with the face on which the etch feature lay.

The etch feature can be exported along with the rest of the geometry to a DXF file to enable production engraving.

Solid Edge ST3 comes with four new closed corner types: U-Shaped, V-Shaped, Square and Mitered. Here is a screen shot showing a V-shaped closed corner. Notice the 15 degrees angle.

In case you are wondering, the new etch and closed corner features are available in the synchronous as well as the traditional modeling environment.

Another enhancement is the ability to add tabs to flattened models. These tabs do not appear in the folded state. This is particularly useful for manufacturing and transportation purposes.

You can now add PMI to flattened models and save them to the JT format.

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