World Cup Deals On SolidWorks Software

I recently started posting news alerts about discounts offered by CAD vendors for the benefit of my readers who may be thinking of purchasing new licenses/subscriptions or upgrading their software. About a week ago I received a marketing email from SolidWorks letting me know about “World Cup Deals on SolidWorks Software“. Not sure what the World Cup has to do with SolidWorks, but then neither does Chirstmas, right? Or does it?

Anyways, the email did not contain any information about the offer apart from making the point that there was never a better time to buy SolidWorks software (I wondered why) and that the offer was valid till the end of June. Hey, but the World Cup finals are on 12th July!

There was a link in the email which took me to a form on the SolidWorks web site where I was asked to enter my phone number. After I did I was told that someone (I assumed the reseller in my area) would contact me. Nothing happened. Today I got a call from the SolidWorks reseller in Mumbai regarding my inquiry. I told the lady on the phone that I didn’t need to buy SolidWorks since I was a SolidWorks Solution Partner and the reason for  my inquiry was to spread the word about the World Cup deal on my blog. She replied that the information about the deal was in the marketing email. I told her that it wasn’t and that I was taken to a form where I entered my phone number due to which we were having a conversation. She refused to tell me anything about the deal because I was obviously not going to buy anything from her. Instead she asked me to contact SolidWorks marketing. I got the message, thanked her for calling and hung up.

It appears to me that now may really be the best time to buy SolidWorks software. If you want to purchase a new license or a subscription I think you can squeeze your reseller quite a bit because the World Cup deal not appear to have a fixed discount percentage or amount. It appears to be whatever the reseller can afford or is willing to let go. My earlier couple of posts (“News Alert – Upto 50% Off On Autodesk 2011 Software” and “News Alert – Get Inventor For Half Price“) showed that Autodesk is giving discounts galore and now it appears that SolidWorks resellers will bend over as well.

Happy shopping! And since this is about the World Cup, I am eagerly waiting for the match between France and Mexico which is due to start in half an hour.