ZWCAD Gives 2013 The Slip

ZWSoft has decided to jump from ZWCAD 2012 directly to 2014. In a press release issued today the company gave a sneak peak of what’s coming in ZWCAD+ 2014. Daniel Huang, Product Manager of ZWCAD+ stated, “We decided to name this release directly as ZWCAD+ 2014. It is not only the title difference, but also represents it’s the biggest release ever.” Customers who purchase ZWCAD+ 2012 starting July will get a free upgrade to ZWCAD+ 2014.


Preannouncing ZWCAD+ 2014 ZWSoft disclosed a few features in the upcoming major release which included support for 2013 versions of DWG and DWF files. This particular wording in the press release peaked my interest.

Now you can open and write DWG/DWF 2013 and DWF files, fully compatible with other mainstream CADs.

Notice the words “compatible with other mainstream CADs”. I have been following the AutoCAD clone market for many years now. Earlier their marketing focus and language was all about how close their product was to AutoCAD. They have now changed their messaging to completely eliminate the name AutoCAD. The only mention of AutoCAD on the ZWCAD+ web site I could find was this hopelessly outdated comparison chart. Which pretty much explains why ZWSoft decided to jump from 2012 to 2014. 🙂