ZWCAD Releases ZWCAD+ 2012

Today Chinese CAD software developer ZWCAD released ZWCAD+ 2012, the latest version of their AutoCAD clone, complete with ribbon UI and all.

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In case you need it you can get to the good old menu by clicking a tiny button on the title bar, as can be seen from the image above.

ZWCAD+ 2012 still saves to DWG 2010 and not DWG 2013.

I guess that’s because the Open Design Alliance hasn’t cracked the DWG 2013 format as yet.

On its part today the Open Design Alliance announced the release of version 3.6 of their Teigha platform. In this version they combined the DWG and DGN libraries into a single SDK. They also added multi-threaded support for loading DWG files thereby allowing Teigha based applications to take advantage of multi-core processors