ZWSoft Going 3D

The CAD software industry seems to going nuts. With the release of DraftSight, Dassault Systemes has announced its entry into the 2D market and now Chinese AutoCAD clone developer ZWSoft is going to announce its entry into 3D market. Today I was alerted to a page on the ZWSoft web site dedicated to its Partner Conference for 2010 to be held on September 25-28 in Guangzhou, China. Apparently, at the conference there will be a “First Showing of ZW3D – ZWSOFT’s All-In-One 3D Solution“.

A while ago I got wind of this 3D solution from an external source and asked ZWSoft whether they wanted to divulge any more information about their proposed 3D offering. At that time they declined to say anything more. But now it looks like they are getting ready to go public.