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3D Printing Applications in Healthcare

I had a good time presenting the 3D Systems 3D printing solutions for Healthcare to a group of very experienced and senior surgeons in Trivandrum at an event organised by Future 3D.

Being a mechanical engineer who understands the technology pretty well, I can confidently speak about 3D printing for hours on end. But my palms begin to sweat a little when I speak about 3D printing to doctors and surgeons. I can explain the technology without any problem. But when I start to use words like maxilofacial, mandible, fibula and reverse shoulder arthroplasty I feel like I’m explaining the Ten Commandments to the Pope. That’s why I make it a point to put forth a disclaimer at the start of every speech stating that I have only high level knowledge about these terms and absolutely zero hands on experience. The audience is always kind enough to then restrict their questions to the technology and its uses in Healthcare instead of getting into the details of surgical procedures.