3D Systems Acquires SYCODE

SYCODE, my seven year old five person strong Indian software company, has been acquired by 3D Systems, a NASDAQ listed US corporation with a market capitalization of $1.15 billion. Just typing that preceding sentence gave me the shivers… in a good way. ๐Ÿ˜‰

SYCODE will operate as a brand under 3D Systems India. But there is just one small problem. There is no 3D Systems India. At least, not yet. I am in the US right now and one of the first things I need to do when I get back to India is to start 3D Systems India and hire myself as employee number one. I will be heading all the operations of 3D Systems in India of which software development will be only a part. As you can imagine my life is going to change. In fact, it has already changed. After being my own boss for the past 12 years, I now have a boss. But the good part about being a country head is that my boss sits in a different country. Even better for me, that country happens to be on the opposite side of the planet. ๐Ÿ˜‰

I also need to find a much larger office to move into. I have an immediate and urgent need to expand my development team. I need all sorts of people – from experienced CAD and web programmers with specialized skills to experienced development managers to manage teams of developers. For years I have been wanting to do all kinds of stuff with SYCODE but had to satisfy myself with developing small plug-ins and utilities due to the limited resources at my disposal. Now with the support of Big Daddy in the US I am going to make those dreams come true. Each and every one of them. One at a time. I am so excited right now I cannot find the words. But believe me when I tell you this. 3D Systems India is on a mission. I know exactly where I want to go and I know exactly how I am going to get there. There is only one unanswered question in my mind – who are the people that are going to come with me on this mission?

Which brings me to the main reason of this post. If you want to work on some of the most interesting projects ever known to mankind and do it in the tourist paradise of Goa, send your resume to deelip (at) sycode (dot) com. Your resume had better be good because your salary will be. Freshers can go waste someone else’s time. I need experienced people with highly specialized skills in the fields of application architecture, complex geometric algorithms, 3D modeling and graphics programming, API, user interface, databases and experts in just about every web technology out there. I need people who have experience developing software for Windows, Linux, OSX, iOS and Android.

Probably the only downside of your job will be the fact that you will be reporting to me, directly or indirectly. I am going to squeeze every bit of intellectual genius out of you or have someone else do it for me. But if you are the kind of person I am looking for then you are going to enjoy every bit of it. I need people who are on fire. I am a workaholic. I live to work and not the other way around. I am looking for people with that kind of a mindset. If you work to live, don’t bother applying. I want to be surrounded by people screaming with ideas. I need people who want to be part of something big before they die, because that is precisely what my mission in 3D Systems India is all about.

I am ready to begin the next phase of my life. Are you?