Sycode Gets A New Logo

3D Systems has acquired around 19 companies over the past couple of years, two of them being mine. All these companies have a character of their own and they continued to brand themselves independently. While this is a good thing for individual brands, there usually comes a point where independent branding begins to cause issues for the family and does more harm than good for everybody. 3D Systems has reached that point. The company has amassed so many brands, products, technologies and services within the family that it makes little sense to make them look all different. It has become increasingly difficult for someone new to look at different brands and draw the links. Moreover, for 3D Systems it has become increasingly important that it sends a unified message across to people as it makes its way into new areas.

The identity of a brand is strongly tied to its logo and all the companies in the 3D Systems family will start sporting a common logo. Next week the Sycode logo will be changed from this

to this

In fact other companies in the 3D Systems family have already started changing their logos. Here are a few:

In a related development, last week we moved into a larger office. My wife had this cake sent to the new office. She forgot to send beer. 😉

The Indian company is going to be called “3D Sycode India Private Limited”. So the new “3DS” logo suits us perfectly. 😉