3ds Max Child Prodigy Ze Kun Chen

This is old news actually. I was organizing my pictures from my recent trip to Autodesk University (Las Vegas) and PlanetPTC (Shanghai) and came across this picture I took using one of the press presentations.

According to the press release:

Autodesk, Inc. (NASDAQ:ADSK) today announced that Ze Kun Chen, a fifth grade student in China, is the youngest person to be certified as an Autodesk 3ds Max Associate. Ze Kun, who is now 10 years old, completed his first 3ds Max software certification when he was just 9 years old. He completed the latest 3ds Max 2010 certification at Autodesk University China, held in Beijing from November 16–17, 2010.

This should serve as a lesson to all of us (including me) who complain that some CAD software are hard to use. We bitch about the user interface, work flow and all kinds of stuff. There are some people still stuck in the 2D CAD world designing 3D things and making all kinds of excuses to remain there.

I assume the two images on the right of the slide are the kid’s creations. I salute this kid. I think you should too.