SolidWorks Mini Lab At Discovery School

During SolidWorks World 2011 I had the chance to talk to Riley Lewis, a 13 year old SolidWorks user (see “A Conversation With Riley Lewis“). Today the boy’s father sent me this email:

Thanks to the support and enthusiasm from folks like you, Riley is moving SolidWorks forward both at his school and personally. This is cool to watch, fun to take part in, and hopefully of interest to the larger community.

Based on the connections Riley made in San Antonio, we are setting up a dedicated SolidWork minilab at Discovery School so that other students who want to learn the tool, can do it. Riley has managed to overcome the technology gap and get a system up and running that really works well with the toolset.

We have:

  • A pentium workstation tower with a stripe RAID
  • the latest Licenses for SolidWorks Student
  • HSMworks CAM software
  • InspirTech Tutorials
  • AMD FirePro 5800 card
  • NVIDIA Quadro Cards
  • 3D Connexion mice
  • A GoBoxx (promised)
  • A SolidWorks genuine paintball gun (high value item to Riley).

We are setting up the workstation, which we hope is the first of at least three, next week and the plan is to make it available to students who are participating in the Tech Challenge, lego Robotics, or how simply want to experiment with SolidWorks.

Riley was invited to a Board of Directors meeting at the school three weeks ago and sold them on the idea of the mini-lab.