AutoCAD Scale Nightmare

Having recently built my house using AutoCAD as one of the CAD systems, I can relate to this story. A UK couple who are building their 1 million pound dream home are fighting a battle with authorities who are looking to tear it down – all because the blue prints were automatically scaled down by 4 percent to fit the page.

When the plans have been printed out, we didn’t realise the printer had reduced them by 4 per cent and these were the plans that were passed“, said Colin Walker, the 50 year old owner of the house. “The trouble is that the plans were drawn up with AutoCAD and it’s dangerous to use a scale ruler because printers often have these discrepancies with computer aided design. This is why the plans clearly state that all the dimensions should be checked or measured on site and not scaled from the drawing. However, plans containing full dimensions were subsequently submitted to West Lancs building control.
Unfortunately, the plans approved were the original scaled down drawings and the authorities are now taking the stand that Walker is building a house 4 percent larger than what they approved. Walker has already lost an appeal against the enforcement notice and now hopes that the High Court will stop the demolition of his four bedroom home. Apart from the scale problem, there are 15 other discrepancies between the approved plans and the currently built structure. I wish him luck.