Bricscad V13 Steps Into The MCAD Space

A year ago Bricsys added direct modeling capabilities to Bricscad V12 (see “Direct Modeling In Bricscad V12“). This year Bricsys is adding other building blocks of a MCAD system to Bricscad V13 – assembly modeling, 3D constraints and kinematics.

Check out this video I took at the Bricsys International Conference 2012 in Amsterdam.

Dmitry Ushakov, head of Bricsys Technologies Russia, stated after the demo, “This is only the beginning. We are going to add feature modeling, knowledge based engineering and integration with CAE, CAM and PDM/PLM“. This slide shows the Bricscad road map and where Bricsys is headed with all this.

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I have seen Bricscad improve leaps and bounds over the past few years. In fact, with direct modeling, assembly modeling, 2D/3D constraints and kinematics calling it an AutoCAD clone would be improper. Being an AutoCAD clone has become just one of its features. 😉

MCAD vendors are still trying to move AutoCAD users to their MCAD solutions. Here is Bricsys investing in converting their DWG platform into a mechanical design solution.