IMSI/Design Releases DWG Viewer For Android

IMSI/Design has announced the release of a free DWG viewer for Android called TurboViewer. The software is ad supported and can display both 2D and 3D data in a DWG file. The viewer can pull files from HTTP, FTP and DropBox as well apart from local storage.

They also have a paid version called TurboViewer X which is priced at $4. This version comes with a layer visibility manager and without advertisement banners.

Here is a screenshot.

I couldn’t help but notice that just like the iOS versions of TurboViewer, the viewer shows 3D models in wireframe.

I can’t try out the software for myself as I traded my Dell Streak running Android for a Dell Venue Pro running Windows Mobile 7. If any of you have an Android device and take the time to try out this viewer, please do leave a comment letting me know whether it is possible to view 3D models in shaded view.