TurboApps From IMSI/Design

IMSI/Design is going all guns blazing develop a slew of mobile CAD apps under the banner of TurboApps.



To begin with they have a free viewer called TurboViewer for iOS and Android. It was the first mobile DWG file viewer to support 2D as well as 3D. See “IMSI/Design Releases The First 3D DWG Viewer For iPad“. It is one of MacWorld/iWorld’s top 5 apps for 2012.

Links: TurboViewer for iOS, TurboViewer for Android


TurboViewer Pro

TurboViewer Pro is a paid version of TurboViewer ($30 for iOS and $20 for Android) that has advanced features like a variety of visual styles, support for 20+ formats, a layer manager, support for layouts, etc.

Links: TurboViewer Pro for iOS, TurboViewer Pro for Android



Yesterday IMSI/Design released TurboReview for iOS currently priced at $50. They have an introductory price of $35 going on. I’m assuming the Android version is on its way. TurboReview has all the features of TurboViewer Pro and more. With this mobile app you can mark up 2D drawings and 3D models, measure distance, angle, perimeter and area, manage drawings using folders. It is also touted as the first mobile CAD app to view 3D PDF (U3D native) files.

Link: TurboReview for iOS


TurboViewer SDK

Back in January this year IMSI/Design announced a free TurboViewer SDK to “enable an entirely new generation of mobile CAD apps” built over the company’s mobile CAD technology. You can get the SDK by filling out this form. From the TurboViewer SDK license agreement, I gather that you can use the SDK to develop your own mobile CAD apps and ship the necessary files of the SDK along with your app. All you need to do is acknowledge the presence of the SDK in the about box and online/printed documentation of your app by using the words “Powered by IMSI/Design TurboViewer”.


There was a time when Graebert was leading the mobile CAD development space. But I haven’t anything from the company for some time now. They issued their last press release more than two years ago. That was shortly after they announced their “technology relationship” with Dassault Systemes.