John McEleney’s Comment on Parasolid

I guess you can imagine how hard it is to get an official comment from SolidWorks on the issue of them continuing to using Parasolid, a modeling kernel owned by their rival Siemens PLM Software. I am still trying to get something out from them. However, I have been recently speaking to former CEO John McEleney and asked him for his views on the contentious issue. This what he had to say:

“I do not think it’s appropriate for me to comment on behalf of SolidWorks – Jeff Ray or Austin O’Malley are probably the best people to speak with. 
The one thing I can say that I know the past, current and any future team would agree with is: that we simply did not want people to be bothered with or worry about the technology foundation that was used. Our feeling was always that we wanted to remove the technology hassles/details from the user and provide them with what they wanted: powerful, affordable easy-to-use 3D.”
Although John McEleney is no longer affiliated with SolidWorks, he is a big supporter. He stepped down from the board approximately one year ago and has recently joined a start-up called CloudSwitch as CEO, a company still in development mode and which is doing something related to cloud computing.