News Alert – SYCODE Plug-ins Updated For Bricscad V11

This is an announcement to let our customers and prospects know that we have updated our 24 Bricscad plug-ins and have tested them to work with Bricscad V11. Customers on subscription who have upgraded to Bricscad V11 can download the new installers from our web site and request for a permanent key. If you face any problem please visit our support center and open a ticket.

For those of you who are interested in developing Bricscad plug-ins, I would like to add that these plug-ins are pure DRX DLL’s created using the ODA’s DWGdirect SDK. Bricsys has taken care not to create its own variant of the ODA code, which is a good thing. For more information on how to develop Bricscad plug-ins, or for that matter, DRX plug-ins that will run in any DWGdirect hosted application, you can read my book titled “OpenCAD – A Step by Step Guide to Developing a Professional CAD Application“.