Questions Submitted To Versata

In my post titled “Questions For Versata” I mentioned that Versata CEO Scott Brighton had asked me to submit questions from my readers that he would address in the upcoming webinar on May 3rd. Here are the questions that I gathered and submitted to Scott today.

  1. Who exactly bought Think3 and what is the connection between the buyer and Versata? What is the point of keeping all this a big secret?
  2. What does Versata own if it has not acquired Think3?
  3. Who is the real owner of the Think IP? Versata Inc or Versata Dubai? If its Versata Dubai then why is the CEO of Versata Inc writing to us (customers). What is the relationship between the Versata Inc and Versata Dubai?
  4. Does Versata have the right to distribute Think3 software? If yes then why are you sending downloads links to customers using foreign email addresses? Why isn’t there a link on the Vesata web site to download the software?
  5. Are you (Scott Brighton) the CEO of Think3 Inc or Versata Inc or both? Why are you now addressing customers as CEO of Versata Inc when earlier letters have come from him as CEO of Think3 Inc.?
  6. Considering that there could be a possible roll back of the acquisition (at least some people think so), wouldn’t any payments made now be at risk? What do you have to say to comfort customers?
  7. With no captive R&D how does Versata intent to develop the Think3 range of products and deliver them in time?
  8. Can contract employees develop and support a highly complex software for MCAD?
  9. The think3.com website says it is illegal to replicate the site, yet you made a copy at Versata subdomain. How come?
  10. What is the vision for product evolution? Which areas are you going to focus your efforts to “innovate”?
  11. Who will be driving the innovation and product development? As in who will head the R&D efforts and who will determine product development direction? Do these individuals have CAD and PLM knowledge and experience? Can the technical leadership be introduced to us (customers) so that we get confidence on the direction?
  12. Why has the new Think3 owner/management not pumped in money to revive the company? On the contrary the company has been stripped of its assets and allowed to go bankrupt, leaving employees and suppliers in the lurch and giving us (customers) a poor deal in the bargain. Was this the intention from the beginning?
  13. Why have you not hired/retained experienced Think3 developers (at least some)? That seems to be the most logical way to develop and support the product.
  14. According to the WOW program, customers on the existing support plan would continue to enjoy the benefits till their plan expired, after which they would need to move to the new plan. Then why weren’t the customers on the existing plan not given access to the new version of the software even though they are on a valid support plan.
  15. For holders of a perpetual license, who chose no WOW support, will you honor reactivation of their license due to machine ID change? If so, give details on procedure.
  16. For customers with maintenance remaining, now that the http://www.think.care does not work, where do they go to transfer licenses, view training etc. or will you refund their balance?
  17. Currently your company offers terrible customer service. No response to emails, account managers gone with no notification of replacement. Why? Will this improve? Give contact names & phone numbers.

After the webinar I will post an article containing the responses to these questions.