Sustainability In SolidWorks 2010

By Riley Lewis

At the release of SolidWorks 2010, there was a plethora of new features. One of the true gems in that pile was the sustainability module. It basically works by using the material definitions in the part or assembly that you created, and then, using an index created by one of the leading green research companies, creates your environmental impact report. It offers a wide range of options, including; how your part was made, where it was made, and even shipping impact.

This is important to both present and future engineers, because it teaches them to engineer FOR sustainability, not to add it as an afterthought. This skill is vital, mainly because of the modern trends, but also because of dwindling resources.

All in all, this add-on is far reaching, complete, and relevant to all SolidWorks users.

Who is Riley Lewis?