SpaceClaim's Big OEM Deal With Gamma Technologies

One of the slides in Blake Counter’s presentation (see “The World According To SpaceClaim“) detailed a new OEM partnership between SpaceClaim and Gamma Technologies, developer of GT-SUITE, a CAE tool for vehicle systems.

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Sometime in the near future “several thousand” of Gamma Technologies customers and all its new customers will get a license of SpaceClaim Engineer. SpaceClaim intends to officially announce this major win in a press release sooner than later.

I find SpaceClaim’s OEM approach of gaining market share particularly interesting. A couple of years ago, SpaceClaim tied up with TRUMPF, one of the world’s largest manufacturer of sheet metal fabricating equipment. This led to some advanced sheet metal functionality being added to SpaceClaim, presumably because TRUMPF and its customers asked for it. And I guess some was added to make the OEM deal happen in the first place. SpaceClaim 2012+ has some neat functionality related to extracting volumes and sections which will be of special use to customers of Gamma Technologies.

This OEM approach goes in line with SpaceClaim’s belief that CAD is not the center of the engineering world. The company is looking closely at vertical solutions and squeezing their product in where it makes sense.

While I’m here I’d like to point you to another slide of Blake’s presentation titled “Business Overview”.

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SpaceClaim is starting a new machine tool partner program whereby resellers of hardware get SpaceClaim for free. The idea is that they will use SpaceClaim as part of their sales pitch (bid modeling, model preparation, etc.) and mention it to their customers and prospects. If that happens then I don’t see a reason why these hardware resellers won’t start to resell SpaceClaim itself. This is SpaceClaim’s sweet backdoor entry into engineering and manufacturing. If you are a hardware reseller you can contact SpaceClaim to know more about the program and get your free license of SpaceClaim Engineer.