Special Thanks To LEDAS And Spatial

Today I start my extremely long trip from Novosibirsk in Siberia all the way to Westminster, Colarado in the US to attend the Spatial 3D Insider’s Summit 2010. I had a great time here in Russia. I met a lot of people and learned a whole lot more about them and the companies they own or work for. LEDAS paid for my air fare between Moscow and Novosibirsk and accommodation in Novosibirsk. David Levin of LEDAS took the trouble of arranging my Russian visa and setting up appointments with Nanosoft, ASCON, Autodesk Russia and Top Systems. David is a great guy and I very thankful to him for all that he did for me in the past week.

Spatial had absolutely nothing to do with my trip to Russia. However, they did end up paying for my air fare to and from Moscow. The thing is since COFES-Russia and the Spatial event were one after the other, I asked Spatial if it would be OK if I broke journey at Moscow on my way to the US to attend COFES-Russia. They agreed, which was very nice of them.

I am now mentally preparing myself for the extremely long journey ahead of me. The time difference between Novosibirsk and Westminster is 13 hours. I will need to pass through five airports and fly on four air planes, one after the other. I’m pretty much an going to be fried at the end of it all. Maybe I should take a big swig of that 57% strong vodka I was having last night and knock myself out silly.