Novosibirsk – Part 3

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I am at Moscow’s Domodedovo airport waiting for my connecting flight. The early morning flight out of Novosibirsk meant that I got to sleep for just three hours. When putting that in context with the events of last night (see Part 2), you can see why I might be nursing a “mild” hangover.

Here are some pictures of my short trip to Novosibirsk. Click the images for larger views.

This morning at the Novosibirsk airport

A metal sculpture at the Novosibirsk airport, portions of which are enclosed in blocks of glass

Another view of the sculpture

This looks familiar to me. You can find such signs at all Indian airports as well.

Yesterday Dmitry Ushakov took Martyn and me around Novosibirsk. I can see why they call this the sea. Actually it is a huge lake.

A Russian orthodox church built completely with wood

This is the building adjacent to the LEDAS office. I couldn’t help but notice that the name is in binary.

A view of the outside from one of the windows in the LEDAS office. Back where I come from there is no autumn. So this was quite a sight for me.

Yesterday we went for lunch to a restaurant with an old scientific theme (see Part 1). It was housed in this building called Integra. I think you can see why.

This is a corner of the restaurant mentioned above. I’d love to see a drunk find his way out of this place.