SYCODE Plug-ins Are Ready For SketchUp 8

Google released SketchUp version 8 today and I am pleased to announce that each of our 13 data exchange plug-ins for SketchUp have been tested to work with this new version. Our subscription customers can download the latest installers from the SketchUp section of our web site and request permanent keys.

One of the enhancements that I particularly liked about SketchUp 8 is boolean operations. Unfortunately, this is available only in the Professional version and not the free version. The good thing about SketchUp is that Google allows loading of plug-ins in the free version. Usually this is the first thing that CAD vendors remove in their free or stripped down versions. This is not the case with the free Google SketchUp. This is music to my ears because each and every person in the huge SketchUp user base becomes a potential customer to me. 😉

Before using the new solid tools in SketchUp 8 you need to ensure that the objects you want to perform boolean operations on are assembled into clean groups. By that I mean the objects in each group must be watertight and should not have loose faces or edges. Here is a video explaining the solid tools in SketchUp 8.

Here is a video showing what’s new in SketchUp 8.

You can download the free Google SketchUp 8 here and the Professional version costing $495 here.