The iPad WordPress App

I bought an iPad today and am figuring out the best way to post to my blog using it. I looked around the AppStore and found a free WordPress app which I am using to type this post.

The editor looks like a text editor. However it let’s you insert images which I am now going to try.

OK. It sucks because I got a message that the photo will be inserted to the bottom of the post, which obviously is not what I wanted to do.

Anyways let’s post this and see if it shows up on the blog.

OK. That worked. The thing is you need to enter the text of the blog post in HTML. So this means that if I want to insert images between text in a blog post, I need to write something, insert the image from Photos and publish. Then come back and edit the post as I am doing now.

I’m not sure I like blogging like this. But it seems like a good idea when live blogging an event. Which brings me to another interesting point. The iPad does not come with a camera. So you need to take your pictures using a camera and somehow transfer them to the iPad. I bought an accessory to do just that. The picture I inserted above was on the memory card of my camera. So I guess if you don’t have such an accessory you could take picture using your phone or camera and post it online in a tweet or something and add a link to the picture in the post using the HTML img tag like this.

I uploaded the image above to my server using the FTP feature of the GoodReader iPad app.