View Your 3D Models On Your iPhone And iPad

The other day I got an email from Bob McNeel letting me know that they had released iRhino3D 1.1, an update to their Rhinoceros 3DM viewer for the iPhone and iPad. One of the enhancements in this version is “Models exported using SYCODE plug-ins now display correctly“. The earlier version used to crash when loading a 3DM file exported from one of our 3DM export plug-ins. The problem was partly due to the way we used to write out information to the 3DM file header. We fixed the problem and updated our 3DM export plug-ins.

We have 3DM export plug-ins for Adobe Acrobat, Alibre Design, ARES, Bricscad, Inventor, KeyCreator, Pro/ENGINEER, SketchUp, Solid Edge, SolidWorks and SpaceClaim. They are priced between $95 and $195 and are available as fully functional 10 day/run trials. You can buy iRhino3D from the Apple AppStore for $3.99 and it works for the iPhone as well as the iPad. As McNeel puts it, that’s “almost less than a cup of coffee in Seattle“. I am tempted to add that my 3DM export plug-ins cost less than a bottle of scotch in India. But I think that would be a bad idea.