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3D Printing Lab At Communitas High School

By Dave Lewis

As Riley & Vernon moved on to High School, they took different paths. Vernon has selected a “Charter” high school with a more holistic structure while Riley has gone a more formal academic route.  Both young men are still dedicated to the concept of bring 3D Printing and Design to their peers and both are having success

This time around we will take a look at what Vernon has been able to do at Communitas.

Vernon has been blessed with a good sized space of his own on the campus (something we never had at DCS). This has allowed him to develop a dedicated space at the school.


The foundation of the class and the space is the Rapman3.2 printer that Vernon built at the end of last semester. The printer was donated to us by Bits From Bytes (3D Systems) as part of their ongoing support for our grass roots efforts in the schools. The crew got the printer built in a single long weekend and it is up and operational at the school.

Vernon has organized the Communitas lab with several custom features:

Ceiling Mount Filament

Tool Space

File Naming Rubric

As Vernon started up teaching the class, he has also taken on the idea of philosophy of design.

He is encouraging the students to think about holistic design including such concepts as whether it is a socially acceptable design or not.

And like the other Rapman printers we use, this 3.2 runs like a champ.

Communitas is off to a great start with 3D Printing & Design.